Posted 3 hours ago

can’t i draw Dipper anyway else than screaming with a flashlight in his hand?

oh well

Inktober 8 Dipper and Mabel being watched by Bill

Bill, that’s rude

Posted 1 day ago

went to Disney (anaheim, saturday oct 11) with my friends and we saw a Dipper cosplayer! immediately drew on a post-it

we sorta said hi but we were so far away from them sigh here’s to you, Dipper cosplayer

inktober 7 Dipper and Bill

Posted 1 day ago

this one is much better

so proud of this one

inktober 6! Vash!

Posted 1 day ago

this is bad but i tried

inktober uhh 5? Vash and Wolfwood

Posted 2 days ago

"Hey Luffy! Save some for me!"

bat Chopper is too good to be true

Posted 2 weeks ago

oh look something with.. effort

wait, i’ve drawn that pose before

dammit oh well

inktober 4 King Candybug with a teeny tiny Turbo in his hand… I think thats the correct size difference between them? maybe? i think its too much uhh who knows

Posted 2 weeks ago

I did.. a thing i did yesterday i guess

inktober 3 a cat person because i was about to go out and watch Cats

Posted 2 weeks ago

ok lets do this inktober thing

*takes out ink*

*prepares nibs*

*sits down*




what the hell do i draw

inktober 2 my OC Decide looking like snarky butt

Posted 2 weeks ago

ok so i might try out this inktober thing but dont expect much from me

i drew these yesterday but i’ll count them as inktober 1

the ninja wearing a pumpkin costume the community made for him in the spirit of halloween. Also the ninja “understanding” whatever lesson the Nomicon gave him

Posted 1 month ago

well now…